Twilight Trivia-THE ULTIMATE QUIZ!

Are you a huge twilight fan? Before you say your the biggest fan lets see if you can get all these TRUE facts right! :P All these questions have the correct answer! So before you say your the biggest fan take this quiz to see if you really are a huge fan !This does include facts about the whole saga!

1 What does the apple on the cover of Twilight symbolise?
2 In What class does bella meet edward?
3 Which actor was Stephanie Meyer's first choice to play Edward Cullen?
4 How long did it take to shoot Twilight? (exactly)
5 What year was Edward Cullen born?
6 How did Stephanie Meyer come up with the Twilight story?
7 Where does Edward take Bella at the end of Twilight?
8 What is Rosalie Cullens Real life name?
9 At What age did Renee ( bellas mum ) marry Charlie
10 Waht does "Human Food" taste like to vampires?
11 What causes Vampires eyes to change colour?
12 Can you name 5 werewolfs?
13 Name 1 new born in eclipse
14 Who was victorias admier in eclipse?
15 What is Edwards Faviorate Colour on Bella?
16 What was the CD in Edwards CD player when he took bella to his room?
17 What was the Band of the CD in bellas Radio in twilight?
18 What is Jessicas REAL name?
19 What Is a quote from Twilight?
20 What is Renee's REAL name?