are you realii wog ?

are u realii wog??

1 european backround?
2 you wear adidas, nike ,chanel , dior etc ..clothes or accs ?
3 you use the words: bro,uleh,cuz,man,chicks,mint,honestly,i swear,yalla,cunt,as if,poof,fully sick often ?
4 when you go to your grandmas house she makes you eat alot of food
5 you use/used a bum bag
6 you obsesseddddddddd with soccer bro !!!
7 your parents are tightass most times
8 you have a picture of you extending ur fingers across your face
9 you where as tall as tall as your grandma by the age of 8 ( im as tall as her now :) )
10 are u fuuulllyy wog?