How Well Do You Know Grey's Anatomy?

Think you know Grey's Anatomy? Find out by taking this quiz. Questions are from the first episode of season one to the first episode of season six.

1 When and where did Meredith meet Derek?
2 Name all of Miranda Bailey's Interns.
3 When does Meredith learn Derek's name?
4 Of these people, who does George sleep with first?
5 What season does Cristina get married in?
6 Who gave how much money to create the denny duckett memorial clinic?
7 Who fails their first Intern Exam?
8 What did Meredith's mother suffer from?
9 What was the real name of the patient Alex saved and fell for?
10 What also happened the day Meredith and Derek got married?
11 As of the fifth episode of season six, is Miranda Bailey Married?
12 What seasons did Addison WORK at the hospital?
13 Who does George Fall in love with, and eventually results in ending his marriage to Callie?
14 Who no longer works at the hospital as of the first episode of season six?