How True Blue Aussie are you
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How True Blue Aussie are you

How Australian are you???? List of question to put Australians to the test. How True Blue are you?????

1. How many points are there in a goal in Australian rules footy
2. What animal is on the Bundaberg Rum bottle
3. Whats a Budgie Smuggler
4. How often should you turn you snags on your BBQ
5. Who is the lead singer of Cold Chisel
6. What is the record held by David Boon for the most drinks drunk on the way to the Ashes in 1989
7. Which Australian Prime Minister held a world record for drinking a full Yardie the fastest
8. What are Thongs (AKA PLUGGERS)
9. Who is the current Australian Cricket Captain
10. What is the next verse to this song. True Blue is it me and you is it Mum and Dad