How True Blue Aussie are you

How Australian are you???? List of question to put Australians to the test. How True Blue are you?????

1 How many points are there in a goal in Australian rules footy
2 What animal is on the Bundaberg Rum bottle
3 Whats a Budgie Smuggler
4 How often should you turn you snags on your BBQ
5 Who is the lead singer of Cold Chisel
6 What is the record held by David Boon for the most drinks drunk on the way to the Ashes in 1989
7 Which Australian Prime Minister held a world record for drinking a full Yardie the fastest
8 What are Thongs (AKA PLUGGERS)
9 Who is the current Australian Cricket Captain
10 What is the next verse to this song. True Blue is it me and you is it Mum and Dad