Intelligence Test

Tell me, do you think you are smart? Answer my riddles and have your true intelligence be unveiled!

1 Imagine your car is speeding at an average 80 miles an hour when your breaks fail, you doors lock, and your steering wheel fail, nothing you do allows you a way out, and your heading for a 50 foot cliff. What do you do?!
2 Your standing between your king and the opponent, sacrifices might be made. What is happening?
3 If you're life is lost, then people=4, what does this mean?
4 7 birds sit upon a tree, if you manage to shoot 1 and have plenty of ammo left, how many are left?
5 A person finishes reading and decides to shut off the lights and hit the hay. The following day, a ship crashes, and the girl dies, why?
6 Wild people roam the Earth, who are they?
7 Duels of good and evil, A fighter of good am I, Revealed beside watched words, King of the black night sky. What am I ?