How well do you know football, rugby and cricket?

How well do you know these three sports? Bet you can't get 100%

1 Which cricket player has scored the most first class centuries?
2 How many first class centuries did the previous answer score?
3 Who are the holders of the Jules Rimet?
4 How many teams have there been in the Premiership?
5 Which teams have never been relegated from the Premiership after more than 3 years up there
6 What is the largest number of points that England have scored in one Rugby Union match?
7 Which country has scored the most points in a rugby match?
8 Which bowler has taken the most first class wickets?
9 And how many has he taken?
10 Who is the top Premier League scorer of all time?
11 What is the range of goals scored by the top 10 highest scorers of the Premier League (as of 26th September 2009)?