how do you handle love and crushes at school?

just give a check...........................

1 u stay after school for volleyball practice and right before you r about to go d locker room to change ,your boyfriend of dumps you after 4 months .if this wasn't bad enough ,you see him hanging out with another girl after practice.wad do u do??
2 its a wednesday night after dinner when the phone rings .your heart jumps when you hear the voice on the other hand is of your crush .then your hearts stops when he asks to tal to your younger sister so he can ask her out on a date ..wad do u do?
3 you and your friends are at the spring fling dance and you have all decided to go without dats.u r standing along the side d side when a slow song comes and a boy comes up and ask you to dance .you r caught completely off guard ,but know that you r not really intrested in dating do u handel??
4 you fall hard for the new kid espicall when you matches up as lab partners .when hanging with ur best friend after d school ,you tell her about your new crush ..but arent prepared fo her response;she is gotsa crush on him too!how do u respond!!!
5 you r finally on a date with the guy you have been scoping for all of sophomore year but as he is dropping you off at your house afterwards ,he leans over and wants to make might have been up fpr a little peck on the cheek, but anything more doesnt feel alright.what to do?