How Well Do You Know Star Wars?

This quiz will determine how well you really know Star Wars! Enjoy...

1 1. What is the rebels base called in episode 6?
2 2. What was the clones factory named in episode 2?
3 3. On the brand new episode just shown last night (November 22), how many clones did Obi Won and Anakin bring into the temple with them?
4 4. How many clones were left when they came out of the temple?
5 5. What is Anakin's nickname?
6 6. What is the name of Anakin's master?
7 7. What is the name of the animal that they used in the Battle of Hoth?
8 8. What animal was used in the Battle of Eandor?
9 9. Who is Anakins love life?
10 10. When the clones executed order 66, how many jedi remained?