How much do you know about Basketball?

Think you know about Basketball? Are you the next MVP? Use ONLY your general knowledge to tackle this test!

1 What number is Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns)
2 How tall is Yao Ming? (2009)
3 How high is a NBA standard hoop?
4 What year did Michael Jordan return to Chicago Bulls after he retired (the first time)?
5 Which one of these posistions does Dwight Howard play?
6 What is the name of the LA Lakers stadium?
7 What is "Magic" Johnsons first name?
8 What is the name of Dwight Howards famous dunk?
9 Who is Boston Celtics coach? (2009-10)
10 Official NBA jerseys are made by which of the following?
11 What is the name of Detroit Pistons mascot?
12 Which team's mascot is called Bernie?
13 Who won the MVP season 2006-07 award?
14 When does the shot clock begin?
15 If you add ALL the players on the court, and the officials ON the court, how many people are there? (NBA)