Arkham Asylum Sanity Evaluation
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Arkham Asylum Sanity Evaluation

Can you get out of Arkham? really, all it takes is a couple of questions and a little thinking. :) Good Luck!

1. If you could, would you kill all the people you wanted?
2. You are threatened with your life, how do you handle it?
3. You get into a price debate with a cashier at the grocery store? What do you do?
4. Some one asks you for money, what do you say?
5. You see a policeman walking down the sidewalk towards you. How do you react?
6. A question not of what you would do: but how other people act around you.
7. How do YOU act around other people?
8. How often are you plotting?
9. Do you have colleagues?
10. Do you always act insane?