Can your mind lateral think?

Mind-bending lateral thinking quiz!

1 This time last week I was the proud owner of a CD player, 100 CD's, 20 records, and 50 video tapes. On Saturday night I came home to find that a burglar had stolen all but ten of the CD's, 12 of the records, and 40 video tapes. How many CD's have I got left?
2 The monastic life has all sorts of customs and rules, such as breaking your bread into three pieces as a reminder of the trinity. Which hand would a monk use to stir his coffee?
3 How many letters are there in the alphabet?
4 When asked wgat half of the apple he would like, 11 yr. old Peter replied, "the bigger half"; on hearing this, his 12 yr. old sister Pauline -who had been learning all about superlatives at school that day- retorted "you mean the biggets half". Who was correct?
5 American law varies from state to state, especially as regards basics such as birth, marriage, and eeath; can a man living in Texas be legally buried in Hawaii?
6 The verb 'to be' is unusual in that it has three different singular forms: 'I am', 'you are','he/she/it is'. Is it ever correct to say I is?
7 If the first man has 3 sacks of corn on his back and the second man has 4 sacks on his back, which of them has the heavier load?
8 There are 4 pairs of blue socks and 3 pairs of red socks in a drawer. In the ddark, how many socks must u take out of the drawer to be SURE of getting a matching pair?
9 Jenny works in a greengrocer's. She only weighed 6 pounds when she was born, but now, aged 18, she is 5 foot 10 inches tall and her measurements are 38-24-36. What does she weigh?
10 If u multiply 2 by itself a thousand times, what will u get?