Can your mind lateral think?
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Can your mind lateral think?

Mind-bending lateral thinking quiz!

1. This time last week I was the proud owner of a CD player, 100 CD's, 20 records, and 50 video tapes. On Saturday night I came home to find that a burglar had stolen all but ten of the CD's, 12 of the records, and 40 video tapes. How many CD's have I got left?
2. The monastic life has all sorts of customs and rules, such as breaking your bread into three pieces as a reminder of the trinity. Which hand would a monk use to stir his coffee?
3. How many letters are there in the alphabet?
4. When asked wgat half of the apple he would like, 11 yr. old Peter replied, "the bigger half"; on hearing this, his 12 yr. old sister Pauline -who had been learning all about superlatives at school that day- retorted "you mean the biggets half". Who was correct?
5. American law varies from state to state, especially as regards basics such as birth, marriage, and eeath; can a man living in Texas be legally buried in Hawaii?
6. The verb 'to be' is unusual in that it has three different singular forms: 'I am', 'you are','he/she/it is'. Is it ever correct to say I is?
7. If the first man has 3 sacks of corn on his back and the second man has 4 sacks on his back, which of them has the heavier load?
8. There are 4 pairs of blue socks and 3 pairs of red socks in a drawer. In the ddark, how many socks must u take out of the drawer to be SURE of getting a matching pair?
9. Jenny works in a greengrocer's. She only weighed 6 pounds when she was born, but now, aged 18, she is 5 foot 10 inches tall and her measurements are 38-24-36. What does she weigh?
10. If u multiply 2 by itself a thousand times, what will u get?