Are you a die-hard Twilight fan?

Take this quiz to truely see if you're a Twi-hard.

1 Where is the main setting for the Twilight series?
2 How old does Edward pretend to be?
3 When was Edward really born?
4 What member of the Cullen Family almost attacked Bella at her birthday party?
5 Where'd Edward & Bella share their first kiss together?
6 What is Jacob Black
7 What do they call the love connection that werewolves experience?
8 What is Jane of the Volturi's power?
9 In the movie, New Moon, what was Edwards "one condition"?
10 In which book do they get married?
11 Team Edward or Team Jacob?
12 Did you like Twilight, the movie?
13 Did you like New Moon, the movie?
14 Are you excited for the upcoming movie, Eclipse?
15 Have you read all four books and watched all movies on the series?