How well do you know Nicole Bernard

Other than being a huge/bored loser for making a quiz about herself on Facebook (all new low), how well do you think you know Nicole Bernard....For those of you who I hang out with all the time, Im gonna be pissed if you suck largely at this. And yes, i know I'm a tool, no need to remind me.

1 Whats my kids name?
2 What do i hate most about idiot toronto people?
3 Where is the best place on earth to live...says I
4 what does my hair look like more often than not?
5 Whos my best friend? Not counting my husband
6 What do i do?
7 What are my two favorite things to own and will never stop buying more of?
8 How old is my Kid?
9 whats my husband like?
10 Whats my opinion on Harry Potter?
11 what was my booze of choice in Tottenham in the BEGINNING of the partys at the old apartment?
12 What are the chances of getting me to go camping at the tottenham camp ground?
13 What happend when i was nine months pregnent here in Toronto?
14 favorite colours?
15 favorite book?
16 Where do i play my guitar in the summer?
17 Whats my dad do for a living?
18 whats tattooed on my left wrist?
19 Where did I meet my husband? Red if you get this wrong there is something wrong with you...
20 Who lived in the old apartment, all of them, not just the people there all the time
21 who has the same birthday as me?
22 why did I make this quiz?