How much of a soldier are you?

find out how war-torn you are....are you a man or a women???? or are you a women with guts????

1 your country is under attack by paratroopers, you see a weapon lying on the floor.what would you do?
2 what Rank follows after Corporal?
3 Some one ask's you to join them on a camping trip involving climbing and other adventurous activities.would you.....
4 How often do you watch action/war films?
5 A kid throws a toy Granade at your feet, what would you do?
6 you are a sergeant, you see that one of your men is stranded behind enermy lines in a fierce fire you?
7 who play private Ryan in the film Saving Private Ryan?
8 If a Corporal (who is younger than you) tells you to crawl through a muddy puddle what would you do?
9 You hear war was declared between your country and another country over the news, would you...