You think you know me?
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You think you know me?

This is about me, Jamie Walthour. I wanna know how well you actually know me.

1. What is my full name?
2. What is my favorite color?
3. How old am I?
4. What am I going to school for?
5. What is my dogs name?
6. I had a cat growing up, what was her name?
7. What are the names of my neices?
8. What color are my eyes?
9. How many brothers do I have?
10. How many sisters do I have?
11. What is my favorite place to eat?
12. When I go out, what drink do I always order?
13. What school do I attend?
14. What was my favorite show growing up?
15. Last but not least.. Who do I think is the sexiest man alive? (Toughy)