How well do you know me?

Lets see how well you know me. Take my quiz, you might be surprised, <3

1 What's my natural hair color?
2 What nationality am I?
3 Who's my favourite Actor?
4 What's my favourite Holiday?
5 Do I have freckles on my face?
6 What's my favourite color?
7 What's the first thing i noticed on my hunny?
8 How long have I been dating Terry?
9 How many tattoo's do I have?
10 What course do I want to take?
11 How many brother(s) & sister(s) do I have?
12 What's my favourite Meal?
13 What do I dislike the most?
14 What Zodiac sign am I?
15 Is my hair naturally?
16 Who’s my favourite cartoon character?
17 What's my favourite Sport?
18 What color of orchids do I love?
19 What do I love the most?
20 Who's my favourite Actress?