Keegan Cobb's Zombie Survival Test

How long do you think you can survive a zombie outbreak? 2 months? 2 years? a day? Find out in this ultimate Zombie Survival Test

1 You hear of numerous "cannibalistic" attacks nerby where you live via FOX NEWS. Do you:
2 The attacks become more frequent, and medical information is being withheld from the public. What do you do?
3 The area loses cantact and the governor calls it an outbreak of the flu. What do you do?
4 Your family (son=13, daughter=17, wife=36) leaves your home in you van and heads out to your uncle's farm. Your friend (friend=46, his son=16, his wife=44) calls and asks if they can wait this out with you. What do you do?
5 Moving to the farmwas a good idea. Within a week, your home town is engullfed by the "flu". Your brother and his 2 sons (age 9 and 11) move in. You discuss the obviously probable event of a zombie outbreak (This is a zombie test...DUH!!!) What do you think?
6 It's a zombie outbreak.
7 The military moves in to try to contain the zombies, but fails. What do you do?
8 The military comers to the farm and requests that you vacate the facility so they can use it to help contain the outbreak. How do you respond?
9 The military kicks you out by force. Where do you go?
10 After some thorough searching, you have found 4 locations to live in for the remainder of the outbreak, and possibly longer. Which do you choose?
11 Specific Questions: You happen upon a military helicopter with around 5 hours of fuel, an operational minigun, and 3 working maverick missles while you were scavenging a destroyed military camp. Assuming you can pilot it, what do you do?
12 A horde of 126 zombies is heading to your camp, because they saw and followed a scouting party. The scouts ar about 3 miles from camp. What are your orders?
13 Which is your weapon of choice?
14 Which is your sidearm?
15 Which is your last resort weapon?
16 What do you drive?
17 Which of the following is most important during a zombie apocalyps, if you want to survive?
18 You and a friend were on a scavenging run in a local village. You found 2 6-shot revolvers and around 50 bullets. You then heard the moans of the walking dead. Where do you hide?
19 Take the above question. Assuming you hid in a small convenience store, how do you defend yourselves?
20 Take the above question. You chose to erect 2 heightend platforms in the back, with castle-like walls surrounding them. Your friend has a broken leg and numerous scrapes and cuts, but is not infected. What do you do?
21 Be done with the previous questions. What do you wear for zompocalypse?
22 Who is your friend?
23 Who is your enemy?
24 What do you eat?
25 How do you die?