How well do you know Twiggy?
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How well do you know Twiggy?

This quiz is purely for fun to see if you know Twiggy as well as you think you do.

1. Whats Twiggy's favorite color?
2. Whats Twiggy's favorite food?
3. How is Twiggy's favorite comic book character?
4. What is Twiggy's favorite song?
5. Whats Twiggy's favorite phrase?
6. How many times does Twiggy curse in a day?
7. How often does Twiggy check her messages?
8. How uptight is Twiggy?
9. Whats Twiggy's favorite show?
10. How long does Twiggy take in the shower?
11. How much do you love Twiggy? Take it how you to.