Think You Know Your Horror?

If you think you know your horro because you liked Michael Bay's recent horror remakes. Bugga off, this is for old skool or play and learn sommat?

1 Doug Bradley played supreme sadistic torturer Pinhead in the Hellraiser original and it's poor as fuck sequels. But what riole was Doug Bradley offered in the original 1987 picture?
2 What appears in every Sam Raimi [Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell] movie?
3 Which horror movie was principly accused of promoting 'torture porn!'
4 Which low budget horror movie was made for THE LEAST amount of money?
5 When released in the late 70's Halloween became the largest grossing independent movie of the time and heralded the slasher syndrome for well over a decade later. But what previous low budget horror movie was Halloween accussed of ripping off plot and character wise that was remade in 2006?
6 Rob Bottin designed and created the amazing creature effects from John Carpenters 'The Thing', but who took over the effects duties for the 'Kennel Scene' with the replicated dog creature?
7 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hoopers original movie debut, recieved it's R rating and banning in certain countries because of it's
8 In Evil Dead 2, Sam Raimi injected a Three Stooges slapstick comedy to it's horror overtones. In probably it's most famous scene, Ash's hand becomes possessed by Necro spirits from the forest and cuts it off, proceeding in a battle of wits between Ash and his severed hand. But what original movie/tv series does it copy almost scene for scene?
9 Which of these horror movie franchise have made the most money in the US in total
10 What is the link between The Fly 2 and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise?