The Mighty Boosh Crimptastic Quiz

Do you know your crimps? See if you do in The Mighty Boosh Crimptastic quiz! Are you a Crimp loser or the ultimate crimp master? Better find out before The Hitcher comes and cuts you up.

1 Finish off the Crimp lyric: "Soup Soup, a tasty Soup Soup, a spicy..."
2 From Which episode is the Soup Crimp from?
3 Finish off the Crimp Lyric: "Calm a llama down, Calm a llama deep down In the..."
4 And From Which episode is that Llama crimp from?
5 What's the missing word of this Crimp Lyric?: "Ooh ooh ooh, I did a twisty, Ooh ooh ooh, A ..... twisty"
6 Finish off this Crimp Lyric: "Crimpity Crimpity now now, Crimpity Crimpity..."
7 Finish off this Crimp Lyric: "Bouncy Bouncy, ooh such a good time, Bouncy Bouncy, shoes..."
8 From Which Episode is the Bouncy Bouncy Crimp from?
9 Finish off this Crimp Lyric: "Boing ding, boing boing ting, Crimpity Crimpity, ..."
10 Final Question! Finish off this Crimp!: "Everytime i Bounce, i feel i could..."