How well do you know Arianna Zurell?

this quiz is about things i like and about me!

1 What is her favorite color?
2 Favorite thing to do in her spare time?
3 Favorite song?
4 Favorite FOOD!
5 Is she____?
6 How old was she when she got baptized?
7 What job does she want when she grows up?
8 What is her favorite animal?
9 Favorite season?
10 Favorite Computer Game? (this should be easy)=)
11 What is her favorite sport?
12 Does she have a fear of heights?
13 Who does she look up to?
14 Does she get good grades in school?
15 How old is she? (this one is probably obvious!)
16 Who does she hate the most?
17 Does she have an iphone or a itouch?
18 What is her favorite store?
19 Do you think she had a hard time coming up with questions?
20 Does she like roller coasters?