How Well Do You Know "Family Guy"?

See just how well you know "Family Guy".

1 Stewies Favortie Stuffed animal is a?
2 Stewies Stuffed Animal is named?
3 Stewies Middle Name is?
4 Who is living in Chris's Closet?
5 What is Lois's Maiden Name?
6 In the Future Episode Meg Changes her name to?
7 What is Quagmires First Name?
8 What is Clevelands Last Name?
9 Whats Quagmires Job?
10 What is Brian's Cousins Name?
11 What is the Name or Stewies Half brother?
12 How old is Quagmire
13 What was the name of Peters Country?
14 Who Moved away in 2009?
15 Does Brian Have any Kids?
16 The Baker Says All of the following EXCEPT?