How Well Do you Know Twilight?

Let's see how much you know about twilight. are you a twi-hard, are a twi-softy?

1 What is Bella's full name? (first and last)
2 What is Bella's dad's name?
3 What is her dad's job?
4 What is Bella's car's company Manufacturer?
5 What is the name of Bella's school?
6 What are the names of the cullen family?
7 What does the sign in front of Bella's school say?
8 What are the names of the evil vamps?
9 Where does bella meet one of the evil vamps to try to protect her mother?
10 What is her Mom's name?
11 What was the theme of the prom?
12 What is Bella's Best friend's name?
13 What order Are the Twilight books?
14 Last question...How many pages does Breaking Dawn have?