How well do you know your Metallica

Test your knowlege of Metallica songs, albums, members, and other misc facts

1 Start off easy, Metallica has how many members?
2 Which of these Metallica albums debuted first?(not what was their first album)
3 Which memeber left Metallica to form the band Megadeth?
4 Metallica did an album of all covers and B-sides, what was this album's title?
5 The original title of Metallica's debut album Kill 'Em All was what?
6 Which Metallica album is certified highest by RIAA?
7 Finish these lyrics... "You will die when I say..."
8 Which song does not appear on the album Ride the Lightning?
9 Finish these lyrics... "Master, Master, where's the dreams that I've been after"
10 Which of these is not one of the four horsemen mentioned in The Four Horsemen?
11 Which song tells the story of a boy who ages, feeling lost and controlled by the world, trying to please everyone and failing?
12 On S & M, the live album with the San Francisco Orchestra, which song never appeared on a previous album?
13 To date, Metallica has how many studio albums?
14 Load and ReLoad featured work by Andres Serrano, these two works were part of a collection titled what?
15 Which Mission Impossible movie did Metalliac have a song on the soundtrack
16 Cliff Burton died on tour for which album?
17 How did Cliff Burton die?
18 Which member was almost ejected from the band during the Master of Puppets tour?
19 Which member had the shortest stay with the band?
20 Metallica, as a band, got involved in which major issue?
21 Which song depicts a split personality talking to the other, informing it how lifw is and what is does?
22 Metallica ranks how high in artist sales according to SoundScan