HOw many inside jokes do YOU have with ME?

think ur with me 24/7. wonder what inside jokes i LOVE and remember the MOST? FIND OUT! please. lol. i wanna know too!

1 HOBO PONCHE!!!!!! ( whatever the spelling is!)
2 i'm sorry. so sorry. chico. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
3 and so. now reporting live a fire. holy shit. THERE IS A FIRE! * eating bislie with headphones on. i don't want to. OKAY!*
4 BRUCE. just. BRUCE
6 BANANA TOWER! and. this tall!
7 you can look now. huh? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
8 SEX in the CORNER
9 DIE!! bub babababda! ADAP-----
10 Jesus. i will eat your soul. i BURNED IT! GOD BY! EVE! yes it's all 4 BEST!
11 VICTORIA SECRET! wow. thats about it.
12 walknig carpet. I AM CHUBAKAKA! and a Cavewoman! MEANIES!
13 Lizzy! my father is in barbados! so we can come back with daddy! and buy it! i lvoe that dress! my daddy's letting me redocorate. i'm looking for san fransisco. but Lizzy's looking for a more ocean. MONTANA BABY!
14 Y. he did it to ME! and i called him PRECIOUSE!!
15 hit it. quit it. never admit it.
16 Gobstobers with cream filling. Scrumdiliyumshis.
17 i wouldn't turn back time for the time I____, or the time i broke ron's wrist, only when _____
18 after bell. Ribbit Ribbit. crouching as frogs. we r gonig to be frogs Mrs. Flavin!
19 I want you to make babies with my sister.
20 *Skateland* *falls. break*
22 last bonus. do i make typos? frequently.