How well do you know COD: Modern Warfare 2?

as title says

1 When did COD: Modern Warfare 2 come out?
2 Which one of these characters has a mohawk?
3 How many stars can you get in Special Ops mode?
4 How many levels of prestige are there?
5 What are the levels in Spec Ops in order?
6 Which two main characters get killed during gameplay?
7 What new multiplayer gamemode is available in multiplayer?
8 How many Call of Duty's are there total?
9 Which previous COD does COD: Modern Warfare 2 a sequel of?
10 Which one of these features is new to COD: MW2?
11 Which character wears a skull mask during gameplay?
12 How many different kill/death streaks are available during multiplayer mode?
13 How many kills is needed for a Tactical Nuke deathstreak?
14 What does the Tactical Nuke do in the game, if someone were to use it?
15 Who are the producers of the game?
16 What platforms is COD:MW2 available on?
17 Which one of these kill streaks was also in COD 4?
18 At what level do you become a prestige 1?
19 How many achievements total are there available to unlock during the game?
20 Which one of these perks attached to your enables you to see the enemy on a radar?
21 How many primary classes of guns are there? (including riot shields)
22 Which of these is NOT a special grenade?
23 In the level called No Russian, what map are you playing in that is also a multiplayer map?
24 Which one of these is NOT a COD: MW2 accolade?
25 Which one of these perks give you an unlimited sprint?