How well do you know the tourettes guy?
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How well do you know the tourettes guy?

The classic youtube videos of Danny the tourettes guy. See how well you really know him in all his glory

1. What does tourettes guy say when the garbage disposal is running and he walks in?
2. What toothpaste company is the tourettes guy calling and chewing their ass on the phone?
3. What is the name of the lady that is pounding on the door when the tourettes guy is taking a shower?
4. So what about a Porcupines Balls?
5. What famous comedian does he refer too when he gets flustered?
6. What does the Tourettes Guy get hit in the dick with when his son tosses him it?
7. What cereal does the tourettes guy tell his son not to talk shit about?
8. When sitting in the kitchen and his son askes him what is on his shirt what does the tourettes guy say?