Will you ever be able to last a zombie invasion

Do you have the skill to survive a zombie infection

1 you wake up on a saturday night and turn on the news the news tell you theres been a report of a zombie outbreak do you
2 you leave your house and a zombie runs at you do you
3 you see a bitten old lady on the floor shes askin for your help do you
4 you see two college sudents running from zombies do you
5 someone screams at you and says come with us at the top of some flats do you
6 theres a school across the road do you
7 your walking down the street and you see a pub with lights flashing do you
8 you hear screaming down a alley do you
9 your walkin down a hill and you see a zombie jump out all the way up the hill do you
10 you traped in a house with a zombie do you