You will never score 100%!!!!!!!!!!

Try and Prove wrong? Okay....BUT I'M ALWAYS RIGHT1 Made By:Emilie Edmonds

1 Quick~~~~Think of Something!
2 Finnaly, What do you think of this quiz?
3 Why are you taking this quiz?
4 Blip-Blop-Blooooop
5 What do cows do?
6 How many fingers am I holding up behind my back?
7 "BLAH BLAH ______ Shut Up Blah Stupid" Fill in the Blank.
8 If I am holding up 2 fingers on my right hanf how many fingers am I holding up on my left hand?
9 How many Toes do I have?
10 Do you like Pink?
11 Yo Mamma!
12 Santa Claus is riding around the world how many times does he say HO HO HO?