Eminem and other rap fans quiz 2

Test your knowledge again on this new quiz!

1 Who would you be out of all of theese if you could be anyone?
2 Who of theese rappers is dead?
3 Who acording to the song crack a bottle has commited 400 assaults?
4 Who Sings Boom Boom Pow?
5 What is the song by eminem toy soldiers about?
6 Who Hates Mc Hammer?
7 Who sings Handlebars?
8 Who sings white america?
9 Who is from england?
10 Who is Eminem?
11 What was Eminems first song?
12 Who is the richest and the most popular world wide?
13 Who raps about family and real life situations as well as violences drugs and money?
14 Which of theese brought out movies?
15 Which 1 of theese is a real rap movie?