How well do you really know your self?

Alot of people claim to be thier own person, and to know who they are. Well through phychology, this test will be able to prove if you actually do or not, or are you more like the people you don't like and not know it

1 You see 'disabled' person getting attacked by the guys you're friends with. Do you
2 How do you know if a smile is fake or not?
3 How do you usually judge some one when you meet them?
4 You've started a new job and everyone sits in thier own groups, Do you
5 How well do you ussually take advice?
6 You've picked up your partners phone and there's a msg from the opposite sex saying " Hey stranger, i miss talking to you, how's everything?" Do you
7 Would you go alone out clubbing?
8 When you go fishing, do you