Do You Know Your Horror
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Do You Know Your Horror

See if you know horror, from Max Shrek to Tobin Bell horror is amazing, let's see how much you know

1. What is the real name of John Kramer's puppet in Saw
2. Who played the character Sex Machine in Dust after Dawn in 1996
3. What is the most popular classic style for 80s horror movies
4. Who is the killer in Friday the 13th
5. What is the "scariest" movie of the 70s
6. What is the first flesh-eating zombie movie ever
7. What is the common adjective for 50s horror movies
8. What movies where often made in the 40s and have multiple monsters
9. What movie company was the King of Monster Movies in the 30s
10. What is the name of the actor who played Count Orlok in Nosferatu