Quiz of thought

This quiz is meant for you to give EXTREME THOUGHT. Of course if you take this quiz OVER AND OVER you'll get a 100, but the most effective score will be your first. Keep in mind- this quiz isn't meant to measure intelligence but creativeness...think hard before you answer each question. (IF MORE THAN ONE ANSWER MAKES SENSE TO YOU PICK THE MORE CREATIVE OF THE TWO)

1 What is most relevent to the following phrase...."flys around"(REMEMBER STAY CREATIVE)
2 Which selection has the best relation to the following combination of words?.."four fit"
3 If EVERY WORD in the following phrase was reversed to its opposite meaning what would be the result..." I love too hate myself"
4 what do you think of the following collage of symbols..."Ih8u@u2"
5 How do you feel your doing on the quiz so far?
6 Which selection do you feel has most in common with the following phrase..."when pigs fly"
7 what answer choice do you belives has the most simularity with the following combination of words.."spin record"
8 what would you most likely think if someone randomly said "red"
9 What would come to mind had some one randomly said "buffalo"
10 What is most related to the following combination of words "plan it"(Pick the most creative answer you find that makes sense)
11 How was this quiz(bonus)