How well do you know what lyrics?

What artist goes with what lyrics?

1 Now whos right there everytime you cry go to sleep and wake up on your side
2 Looking back I thought I would never love like this broke so many hearts before
3 I aint never been here before the more I get the more I want
4 I never thought Id fall for you as hard as I did
5 Watchin her every move and stalking her body parts the way i might attack her she might need her a bodyguard
6 Mama had a swag like mine she even wear her hair down her back like mine
7 Took a look in the mirror say whats up im gettin money!
8 Never go to jersey take her to the ramada, something to eat you can ask your baby father
9 Stop the track let me state facts I told you give me a minute and ill be right back
10 When this song come on in the club they gon be like damn thats hot!