Do you know Lyrics? Well find out now!

If you think you know every song.. Well i think you dont!! ;)

1 Get low get low, then pick up pick up get your hands in the air, it's a stick-up stick-up
2 Yes I can see her Cause every girl in here wonna be her Oh shes a diva I feel the same and I wonna meet her
3 Can we fast-forward to go down on me? Stop there and let me correct it I wanna live a life from a new perspective
4 I’m mister catch if you throw me the ball, I’m the last kid standing up against the wall, Keep up fallin' these lights they keep be balling, Getting lamped up and sitting on a fence now
5 Once upon a time not so long ago: He's down on his luck - It's tough so tough. Gina works the diner all day working for her man
6 I dance around this empty house Tear us down Throw you out Screaming down the halls Spinning all around and now we fall
7 I wake up everyday it’s a daydream Everythin in my life isn’t what it seems I wake up just to go back to sleep