What kind of Raver are you????

This quiz will determine what kind of Raver you are.....

1 You arrive at the Rave, what is the first thing you do?
2 The Rave goes for 12 hours, and its only been 2, what do you do?
3 Some guy walks up to you, he asks if you have any eckies, what do you do?
4 The DJ announces that you are all going to get covered in glow in the dark gel, how do you react?
5 A well known song is played, everyone else is joining in and singing, what do you do?
6 Your dancing and a hot chick bumps into you, what do you do?
7 The DJ produces some amazing anthem, everyone is going crazy about it, what do you do?
8 This girl you like shows up and approaches you, WHat do you do?