What Is Your Very-Mild Superpower?

Just because we're not all named Bruce Wayne doesn't mean we can't have our 5 minutes of fame. Take this quiz to find out what slightly special ability will put you on the radar.

1 The world is ending! What do you do?
2 Crisis averted- a race of pink elephants has descended from outer space and saved the day. How do you thank your new overlords?
3 Flattered as they are by your thankyou gift, the pink elephants request you build them a house instead. What material do you go for?
4 Construction for the house is underway, but you've run out of funds. How do you raise more money?
5 Success! The new funds allowed the final stage of construction to be completed. To celebrate, you...
6 All seems to be going well in this new utopia, until the pink elephants contract foot and mouth disease. Do you have what it takes to come up with a cure?
7 Sadly, the cure was more lethal than the preliminary trials suggested. The pink elephants are no more, and life has returned to the way it was before. What do you do to cope with this?