How Russian is your mind?

You might not be born a Russian or raised a Russian, but the people from that country have minds that work in a very distinct way. This quiz is to help you find out how much your mind works like theirs does.

1 You and your friends are lighting firecrackers during a party and you've just blasted 9 of the 10 firecrackers you had in a generic safe way as described. What do you do with the last one?
2 Two of your friends are fighting. Who do you side with?
3 You are camping and you ran out of certain need to have utilities. What do you do to solve the problem?
4 All your friends say they liked a movie you've just seen, but you thought it was completely stupid, you?
5 You have a friend you really like hanging out with but your other friends dislike him/her and keep saying things about him/her. What do you do?
6 Which of these colors symbolizes happiness for you?
7 You are surrounded by 4 men who tell you to run or they will beat you up. You?