How Well Do You Know Good Charlotte?
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How Well Do You Know Good Charlotte?

Are you a GC Fan?? You think You Know Good Charlotte Very Well....Take This Quiz you will know how much you know good charlotte. Best Of Luck!!!

1. How Old Were Joel and Benji when their Father left the Family?
2. The name Good Charlotte is inspired from:
3. Who Was the Major Inspiration to Good Charlotte?
4. Who is the Temporary Drummer For GC?
5. Which Song is this line taken from - "And there's no hope"
6. What U.S. city was GC founded in?
7. What is the name of band member Joel's pet dog?
8. Complete the line - "next to me like its a grave, ............
9. Which song is the most popular song of Good Charlotte?
10. Complete The Line - "In the Beginning, ..........."