Stupid Questions for Stupid People.
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Stupid Questions for Stupid People.


1. First: What do you think . of a Geek Tard?
2. Right. Left. Epic. Eggs. Blek.
3. Fiddndnndadoiqwydiqhdhq
4. Rofl Copter. Uhh? I'm breaking up with my GF. What do you think?
5. Pick one of the following.
6. If i said no yes no yes no no no no no yes no Yes no Yes no what would it be?
7. F= 7+81812 = ? What is F?
8. O-O lolol
9. If u do this question your stewpid.
10. I end my sk12i2912 9
11. If u pick the 3rd one in every question. u get a good result.