How Smart Are You?

How smart are you really???

1 Spell this word phonetically: Colonel
2 When was the declaration of independence signed.
3 How many planets are in the solar system
4 How many bones are in the adult human body
5 Have you been googleing the answers to these questions?? (be honest)
6 LSE stands for:
7 Name the best estimate for how many people live in America
8 H1N1 is
9 The substance on the tip of a match is:
10 Which of these letters is not in the Latin alphabet
11 India was a british colonie until:
12 Which is the least used operating system
13 What is 2 cubed?
14 Who is the Pennsylvania Senator
15 Which was the last state added to America
16 What is the largest organ in the body
17 What is the definition of Ubiquitus
18 Which is the most ubiquitus
19 How many choices were in the last question?
20 How many letters are in the greek alphabet
21 What is the last name of Queen Elizabeth II
22 What does URL stand for
23 The antagonist is what