Can you read a woman!?
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Can you read a woman!?

Women are complex creatures.. It takes years of torture and turmoil to finally be able to 'read a woman'. Are you ready?

1. Your woman says 'what do you want for tea (dinner to some)' what is she really saying?
2. You hear your woman screaming from the bathroom, whats happened?
3. Your woman is reversing the car in to the drive, how many attempts will she have to make to get it right?
4. Your woman is in the bedroom, all is quiet, she gently calls your name out, it`s a summons to the bedroom.. What does she want?
5. Your woman has been to town shopping, shes comes home and you ask her what she`s bought. What does she say?
6. Your woman is sat in the room, you grab the remote off her and put the footie on, what is she thinking
7. Its 7am and youre contemplating getting up, you give your woman a little wink,nudge and a poke, how will she respond.