How Smart Are You (Version 2)

This is a quiz to see how smart you really are. The answer may surprise you. And remember, this quiz will NOT be accurate if you ask someone around you or search the answers.

1 In what year did Magellan make his first voyage
2 How many ships did magellan take on his voyage
3 Begin a stopwatch after you answer this question and stop it after you answer the last question.
4 HOw many definitions does "variable" have
5 Who signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776
6 Who designed the American flag
7 Which of these is the largest cell
8 Which is the only mammal that lays eggs
9 What is the worlds second most spoken language
10 What are the odds of being born with Autism
11 Which of these is spelled correctly
12 Which of these can be a Gerund in the english language
13 Microsoft has released how many operating systems since 1997
14 The record patent holder is:
15 How much time is on the stopwatch
16 The internet is owned by who
17 The Cheapest gas is found in
18 Aurum is the latin word for
19 Dye does not have:
20 THe word Decimate means:
21 Which is the most common web browser for business
22 The most advanced aircraft is:
23 What is the estimated value of twitter
24 Is this the final question
25 What is the time on the stopwatch (BE HONEST)