How mutch do you tend to fight

This quiz tells you how much do you tend to fight in other words it tells you if you a fighter or not

1 Somone intimdates you at school. what do you do?
2 You are playing hockey,the other team's goalie freezes the puck and a defenman pushes you out of the creast,What to you do?
3 Your goalie freezes the puck and a player tries to take it away from him what do you do ?
4 Wath is you favorit thing to do in a fight
5 A fight breaks out in school what do you do
6 Why would you fight
7 Do you regret that you haven't stared fight in a certin situation
8 You are playing hockey you team is down 2-0 your almost at the net and about to score but you get hip checked and you flip in to mid aire what do you do?
9 Do you consider fighting someone at school or Hockey soon