How well do u know Brittney Spears.

... u know what i mean!

1 What does Christian Siriano say about britney's style?
2 When was her song 3 made?
3 how long is piece of me?
4 what album is if u seek amy on?
5 What is her ORIGANAL hair color
6 how many kids does she have?
7 does she have a dog?
8 how many uploads does she have on her youtube channel?
9 how many subscribers does she have on her youtube channel?
10 does britney spears have a facebook?
11 how many music videos does she have?
12 where did she wear a black bikini to on october 19 2009?
13 What year was she born in?
14 what state was she born in?
15 What is the first song she ever wrote?
16 What year did her album blackout come out?