Are you fancy or oafish?

This is a quiz that will tell you if you are a fancy or an oafish person, according to an 11 year old.

1 What do fancy people like to eat?
2 What are fancy people's opinions on non-fancy cats?
3 What do you think of hypocrites, fools, oafs, and nonsense people?
4 What do you drive?
5 Where do you go to school?
6 Your opinion on tattoos?
7 Do you like the Mountain Goats?
8 Are you fancy?
9 What do you watch on television?
10 What music do you listen to?
11 What do you collect?
12 Yahoo or Goole?
13 What do you think of lions?
14 Fill in the blank. Fancy people like fancy ______.
15 What are pumpkins?
16 Is it appropiate to say "Ow", "Ouch", or Owwie"?
17 When should you remove your hat?
18 What should you paint?
19 Do you read the Houston Chronicle?
20 Do you cough often?
21 Do you own a fancy handkerchief?
22 What would you do if you were caught in a fire?
23 What would you do if your servants were being diobedient?
24 What would you do if the economy dropped really low?
25 What is your occupation?