How Tru Blue Aussie are you ?

How australian are you. This quiz test your geography, sporting knowledge and pop culture awareness.

1 In the legendary Aussie film "The Castle", where do the family go on holiday ?
2 Which of these NSW towns is largest ?
3 The Don's long standing record of most runs in a single innings of a test match was held by which other Australian cricketer before being broken by Matthew Hayden and Brain Lara ?
4 Australia's richest racehorse the Melbourne Cup is run on the 1st Tuesday of November annually, who sponsored the race in 2009 ?
5 Famous Aussie rockers Screaming Jets had a song named Cunnamulla Fulla, where is Cunnamulla ?
6 Australia's greatest race car driver of all time, Peter Brock, died whilst racing for money in Tasmania..
7 In recent advertising for a certain product on TV, you see Michael Clarke as a "miniture bat signer". Which product is this advertising ?
8 Finish this famour line from an Aussie song parody.. "Im a bloke, im an occa and I really......."
9 The SAS is Australia's special operations forces, what is their motto..
10 If you wanted to buy "jousting sticks" off me and I asked for $200, what would be your reply..