How Well Do U Know Lil Wayne?

Its about how well do u know lil wayne and his songs!!

1 What age was Lil Wayne when he first had sex?
2 What song is this, : got a taste for you, now watcha wanna do, girl you cold let me suck out your flew?
3 How old is Lil Wayne now?
4 What song is this? : shawty want a thug, it started with a hug, then the rest like this, i gave her neck a kissy kiss, she gave my neck a kiss back?
5 Lil Waynes birthday is in what month?
6 Lil wayne became famous of what song?
7 Lil Waynes first tattoo was what?
8 Lil Waynes teeth are what?
9 Why does Lil Wayne have silver teeth?