What is you best facial feature?

Its a nose its your hair no its your best feature!!!

1 Have you ever had plastic surgery?
2 Whats your favourite facial feature?
3 Do you stand there and look at the sun?
4 Do you get into punchups/fights?
5 Do you die your hair?
6 Do you have contats?
7 Do you wear glasses
8 Do you have a face?
9 Have you ever gotten onto a cat fight?
10 Are you bald?
11 Do you wax your eyebrows?
12 Do you have or ever had a boken nose?
13 Have you had surgery on your lips
14 Do you like you face?
15 D you like your hair?
16 What leter does your name start with?
17 Do you pick your nose?
18 Whats you worst facial feature?
19 Last question now, What do you want to do for your dream job.