r u an IT champ?(v.v hard)no1 can get 100%

its really hard....only for ppl interested in comp.

1 Name the general purpose very-high level programming language released by Guido Von Russom
2 Toshiba launched the Qosmio G55-802 recently; It is the first laptop available with the Cell CPU. Which other gaming console is popular for having used this technology?
3 Which software had been employed to give special effects in Harry Potter movies?
4 How do you expand HTC?
5 Silverlite the answer to Adobe’s Flash system for display of media content for websites is from whom?
6 This term suggests that the software secretly monitors the user's behavior. What term?
7 In PC cards what does PC stands for?
8 This term was coined by programmer Lou Montulli. Network or COOKIES
9 A Java applet or small program that can show a visual map of how a Web site is organized, for example, if you may want a map view of your own site. Identify this.
10 What did Bob Metcalfe found in 1979?
11 Which anti virus maker says they have "confidence in a connected world"?
12 HTC Dream will be one of the first mobile smart phones running on this mobile operating system. Name it.
13 In the world of Telecom what does 3G stand for?
14 Name the industry standard which allows computers to represent text in most of the world’s writing systems
15 "Express" is a SQL provider by which company?